API Reference

Krigging algorithms

pykrige.ok.OrdinaryKriging(x, y, z[, …]) Convenience class for easy access to 2D Ordinary Kriging.
pykrige.uk.UniversalKriging(x, y, z[, …]) Provides greater control over 2D kriging by utilizing drift terms.
pykrige.ok3d.OrdinaryKriging3D(x, y, z, val) Three-dimensional ordinary kriging
pykrige.uk3d.UniversalKriging3D(x, y, z, val) Three-dimensional universal kriging
pykrige.rk.RegressionKriging([…]) This is an implementation of Regression-Kriging as described here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regression-Kriging


pykrige.rk.Krige([method, variogram_model, …]) A scikit-learn wrapper class for Ordinary and Universal Kriging.


pykrige.kriging_tools.write_asc_grid(x, y, z) Writes gridded data to ASCII grid file (*.asc).This is useful for exporting data to a GIS program..
pykrige.kriging_tools.read_asc_grid(filename) Reads ASCII grid file (*.asc).